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Tampa Natives Show Highlights!



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Johnny Cinchett endorses the

Tampa Natives Show.

Mike Baluja's Classic


Tampa Natives Show Producer



Ronny Elliott Song  3/7/13


Mario & Sally Nez
"Those Were The Days"



I Remember Tampa - Mike Baluja

Welcome to the
Tampa Natives Show!

Special Guest, Dale Swope 7/18 

Ricky Gallon

Ricky Gallon
Ricky Gallon




Mrs. Argudo presents Sponsor check!

Show Highlight  12/13/12

Christmas on Braddock Street! 12/20/12

Jim Jetmore - First time caller!

ALL NEW - Live Studio Audience 

And the Winner is!

Preservation Effort

Tampa Natives Show Compilation

Rick Hernandez, 1st Time Caller

Funny Promo!


A Great History Lesson

Kind words from a Tampa Treasure

City Councilman Charlie Miranda 2/7/13

Tampa Natives Show Endorsement!

Valentine's Day Highlight

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